Quinta Maso is now open.
We simply make scarves.
But our scarves are not simple.

The story

Ours begins with the family of Paula Maso, Creative Director of the brand. Their fun and carefree spirit was forged at a house in Caracas called Quinta Maso -did you know that quinta means house in Spanish?-. In that tropical family house, music, culture and creativity ruled, and ultimately gave shape to the personality that is reflected today in each of the pieces of Quinta Maso.

Who we are

Paula Maso, founder and Creative Director, and Matilda Landhör, Commercial Director, are the driving forces behind Quinta Maso. Based out of Stockholm, Sweden, these two women combined their backgrounds in the fashion industry with their desire to bring an unexpected revival to a classic accessory, seen through an irreverent and joyful lens.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We care about our planet and everything that inhabits it, and we make sustainable choices whenever available. Quinta Maso scarves are made in the north of Italy, not far from where our own last name originated. Our manufacturing partner was founded in the 1940’s, and has a long tradition of making scarves in exclusive materials and techniques.

All of our product manufacturing takes place in the same geographical area, ensuring our pieces don’t travel during the production process.

Our manufacturing partner is certified with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Seri.Co (A quality trademark of Italian silk) and ZDHD (Roadmap to Zero Footprint Programe), and we’ve successfully agreed to reduce the use of plastic in our shipping materials by 80%.

The fabrics

We work exclusively with noble, circular fibres grown from the Earth, so that they can be reused, recycled and returned to the same place they came from. Our first collection is made from 100% Silk and 20% Silk / 80% Cotton blend. Our scarves are of the highest quality and every detail has been thought out to extend the life cycle of our pieces, if cared for properly.

We use a digital printing process, which is a much more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional printing methods, using significantly less water, electricity, and surplus ink. Digital printing allows for small production runs, reducing waste and overproduction.

The designs

We digitalise everything we love, references that inspire us, curious dreams we want to give life to. Our prints have no particular style, and we are proud of that. We have a liberal view of design, and we enjoy things past, present and future. We love colour, even when we work without it.

The packaging

Each of our scarves is packaged in a premium, solid paper board box, which is meant to hold your scarf and retain its quality for longer. Our boxes are made in Poland, using 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper board, and completely free from plastic. The scarves are folded between FSC-certified, acid-free tissue paper, and printed using soy inks.

Website concept and design: Lilit Asiryan @ Folk22
Campaign photography: Ninja Hanna
Campaign styling / models: Siri Edit Andersson and Julia Lind
Campaign Set Design: Ella Rolf and Sofia Alin
Campaign Hair and Makeup: Petra Stenhammar
Product Photography: Leo Bülow